Women Rights

I have been involved in the same discussion so many times with many women about how women are being oppressed and downgraded in Islam and within the Arabian culture. So they claim that:
– Men think that women should only stay at home: cook food, wash dishes, raise children…
– Women should not work.
– Women are not equal with men.

This is a sad repeated story: As a matter of time, in Arabia before Islam, women were really oppressed and being treated in all bad manners. No need to mention that in Europe / US, since less than 100 years ago, women are not allowed to vote nor to inherit and even, in china, till the moment, they are being killed once the gender is known as female.

Traditions and dominating male culture must not be labeled with a religion or ethnic group. Sexism is represented in our societies everywhere which could be a direct result of improper education and low economy.

According to my belief, education and interpretation of Islam, I believe women got full rights in Islam that women are equal to men and in some cases, I believe, they are even more important. Equality does not mean sameness but equity.

I encourage every man to rethink the way they look to women. There is no preference of any human being by gender except by doing goodness. Women as men should be supported to reach their goals in life. But I ask women too, not to abuse freedom, with more freedom comes more responsibility, please appreciate the support and care about other fellow humans and not to become self-centered. Women who would not find the support, will go away and would find their place in some other communities. We should not lose the efforts that can be delivered by respected women.

Nowadays, “Strong independent woman” expression becomes viral which really reflects a problem in our society. Humans by nature depend on each other. It is good to rely on each other and find channels of understanding and respect. We are not competing but we should complete each other. Women and men are good by themselves but they are better when they work together. I support human rights no matter the gender is.  The right to work and the right wear what they want. Let us evolove together, show respect to each other, and little compromise to reach win/win.



Counting down to the crossroads!

  An open letter to the world

Dear World,

Let us talk openly about some of the challenges we are facing nowadays and could impact our lives presently and in the future. I am here talking to people, the society, to support a community initiative that saves us and lead to better tomorrow.

Islamophobia / Immigrantphobia

As we see everyday islamophobia issues, I would take Germany as an example because it is the EU leader country and because I live here too.

Accusation against muslims in news and social media of attacks and terrorism. Biased reports in the news, shows how Islam is making troubles to the world. An Ad has a woman with headscarf (hijab) had a great widespread with so many negative comments full of hatred and discrimination. A party wins 14% in the German elections with the core program is just against Islam and Immigrants. Films and talk shows which devilize Arabs and Muslims. Number of attacks and harassment against mosques and innocent people is on the rise. So many more just in daily basis…

Even in social contexts, I got the feeling if not directly, through the eyes of some EU local people, that I am not welcome here. Some of the obvious racist examples: “Are you here to steal our jobs/money?!”, “Are you here to harass our women?!”, “Are you here to Islamize/ make Sharia Law?!”, “Go back to your country”. Watching TV or listening to Radio, I find something about Islam and Arabs in a very negative way, a bomb or a gang! Rarely, you can see something positive in the media about Muslims.

But you know all of these were just feelings or incidents that can be recovered soon and keep the life going. After AFD wins the 3rd position in election, means there is 13 person every 100 persons who are against immigrants, I started to think again. My doubts about the german dream start to be proved. The most annoying idea when you are open talking to people with love and peace, and 1 of them hates you based on some stereotypes.

Muslims count for around 2 billion of the global population. If they are as what media trying to show, no one single human would still be alive. I believe all of this happen because of lack of awareness and media manipulation.

Oil, resources and warfare are main drivers for big businesses. Our world is not perfect. However, we are trying to make it so. even business and money seem to control almost all aspects of life but there are many goodness around and there are many good people around. we just need to raise the awareness and never give up taking it gradually and we will reach. Please, do not get me wrong, business is important for improving competition and driving innovation. The problem is abusing business which we need to reconsider ethics and values.

Impacts and Outcomes

Such phobias makes a burden stereotype in the back of the mindsets of fellow humans which would not lead to a brilliant future full of peace, production and prosperity but more hatred and more dividing in the society. Dehumanizing Muslims would not lead to any goodness but more trouble and radicalism.

Hate generates hate and then the integration opportunity would become much harder to be reached besides we would lose much time for defending ourselves and trying to fix these dilemmas. I believe this is not the objective of Western culture and government. Let us live together, build the nation and reach more progress and development.

Actually, if the social discrimination would continue this horrible way, we could lose our faith in humanity and would think for alternatives such as leaving the country and find a more tolerant place or even creating our virtual community. And it is a lose situation where high profile people started to leave the country.

It just has a adverse impact on us and on our families and generally on the whole society.

Motivation to live in Germany / EU:

Many people think that every immigrant who comes to europe just because financial reasons (e.g. to find a job). I know some are coming to find a place they can call home; A place where more freedom context with a good community quality of life. Why I say community because it does not feel good if you live in high quality but all surroundings is just really far below.

Germany has a very good economy with a good quality of life. In the top list of countries where expats/immigrants like to live. English can be spoken mostly all over the country (still German must be learnt in order to get integrated somehow). Germany showed solidarity and accepted the biggest amount of refugees in EU.

Let us call it the German Dream. It is a dream for the majority of the people (mostly the young 10 to 50 years old I claim) of the middle East to travel (escape) to Germany or Europe. Because they believe in the European dream where freedom, democracy, human rights, tolerance, quality of life, good economy, jobs… etc. so many advantages as it is a dream.

I was one of those dreamers, I could not achieve my dream through the Arab Spring and I found myself in a battle that is far unequal and it is hard to win. All the powers of the world want this region to be like this without any meaning of democracy. I left because I seek a simple dream (human who can live, contribute and would not be judged because of color, sex, religion). My reason to escape was mental and moral more than financial nor materialistic.

The hidden role of immigrant

Contributing to the economy, Believe it or not?! Imagine Germany without immigrants since World War II. Immigrants certainly have contributed in rebuilding the nation again.

Germany has big need for highly qualified and normal workers due to the aging challenge it is facing. Those people are paying taxes, creating jobs and contributing to the developed economy.

Human Manifesto

I have no hate against anybody. Everybody has the right to live their freedoms as far as it does not do harm to any other. I respect and support that. I even do not consider countries nor borders as my first identity. I am just a human want to live peacefully and productively with other fellow humans. Global citizen is a priority now. We seek peace and love no matter we know that the world we live in is being driven by hate and war.

Do we need to trigger such movement passing all borders and countries.  Do we need to define humanity again? Should we get back to our origin Earth and Universe? Do not you think it is the time? The American dream is not a dream. Wars, killing, murders, attacks, disappointments and also some goodness around that is why we are still alive… But do not you think it could be better? Could we reach such critical mass to change the world to the better? Could it happen?

If you live in a developed country and somehow you feel safe with good quality of life and you think that is it. You are wrong, we are connected here and there. If something happens there, would impact you here. One world, one life.

We should support the free choice for the human no matter who, how and where as far as it does not do harm to others. Let Women wear what they want: covered or uncovered. It is her choice. Let children study what they want. Do not force them to have a new generation of templates. Let them feel the flow of nature and innovation.

So let us have some action points:

For the media: I just do not see myself represented in this media as a member of the community. My new so-called home. please show fairness. Do not be biased against a minority because of a certain agenda. Before publishing a report, try to gather all aspects and see where is the benefit. Look for good people (role models) and show them to the public. Let them know it is not what other media is trying to do by brainwashing. No need for double standards: A terrorism action is done by a terrorist no matter which religion, nation or color. And this terrorist must be punished in his/her name only. White supremacist and right wing parties focusing in devilizing others especially Muslims should not get the chance nor the space to do so.

For the people:

  • Please do not prejudice.
  • Do not just follow media lies without verification.
  • Think human and positive.
  • Ask the concerned people directly with the aim to understand rather confirm stereotypes in mind.
  • Stop asking this silly question: Where are you form?!

It does not represent my identity. My identity should be my choice. Why you force people to be the ones they are not. each person is unique and different. they have different experiences in life. they could be born somewhere and their family from somewhere else while grown up in another. It is just diversity. A real diversity. we are different but we are connected. our common ground as humans is much bigger than ings that we contradict. Racism is not only actions but also emotions. You can feel it in the eyes of the people. We have identity crisis. We try to survive even all the acceleration happening in the world. We try to shape one world identity. If you can not adopt World Citizen identity, do not force people to be like you.

Sometimes we got confused from all this content coming from such variety of resources. The confusion of emotions means you are still alive. It is nature. In this multidimensional life, mostly everything is subjective and relative you Perspective plays great role in shaping truth. Try to have a positive perspective believing in humans faith.

Consider the Golden Age of Islam where Science and Art was at its highest. Google/watch 101 inventions by muslims.

It is known that the current refugee crisis or whatever trouble happens in the Middle East is an indirect result of a former colonialism and current continuous politics from the West.  

One world, one humanity, we are all connected

About me:

I am not a journalist nor a writer. Just human seeking Home(Land) in mother Earth. I felt the extreme urge to tell my thoughts to the world and fellow humans in such critical times. I am a full-time Technologist, had never broken the law, lived and worked in 3 different European countries besides visiting many others, a traveller nature. Also, I have been born in the Middle East with Arabic Bedouin ethnicity and I am a Muslim. Currently, I am living in Germany and after almost 5 years still undecided to settle here and call it home. I came to Deutschland as a highly qualified professional. Since day 1 I pay taxes (which could reach to half of my salary), trying to integrate, having a good feeling of contributing to the German economy, and would like to do my best for my new home.

الفساد المقنن و الجريمة المنظمة

كثرت في الأونة الأخيرة و خصوصا بعد الثورة أعمال المقاولات الغريبة و العجيبة مثل:

– تكسير طريق و إعادة رصفه او تكسير رصيف و إعادة بناءه بالخرصانة او إعادة تشجير رصيف.

– بناء بوابات ضخمة على مداخل المدن على غير اهمية.

– قفل تحويلات في الشارع و فتح أخرى.

– حفر طرق لاعمال تحتية كصرف صحي او غيرها

كل هذا بشكل مبالغ فيه و بدون دراية أو تصميم أو إتقان في ظل الوقت اللذي تتعالى فيه الصيحات بأن الاقتصاد ينهار و الدين العام الداخلي و الخارجي وصل ذروته و يجب أن نقترض من الخارج و إذا رفضنا المعونة علينا إيجاد بدائل لها.

إن السلوك الإفسادي و إستحلال مال الشعب أصبح سلوكا شبه جماعي في الجانب التنفيذي للدولة. في ظل هذه الأزمات التي نعاني منها بقصد أو بدون قصد و التوجه الإعلامي المحرض على وأد الثورة و الكرامة التي اكتسبت و الأفعال التي تستفز الناس كان واجبا على المواطن أن يتحلى بالصبر و أن يرضخ للظلم و أن يتوانى في طلب حقه.

المشكلة تكمن في الآتي:

– إهدار المال العام فلا اعتقد ما يتم فعله الآن قد يتناسب مع مصر التي نتمناها إذا كنا سنبني فعلينا ان نصمم أولا و من يصمم هم أهل العلم و الخبرة و ليس أهل الثقة و السرقة.

– استفزاز الناس بغلق طرق و تكسيرها و عليه يحدث المزيد من الحوادث في بلد صنفت من اعلى البلدان في حوادث السيارات.

– غياب الأولويات و نشر روح الإحباط حينما أعلم أن الضرائب التي ادفعها تصرف في مثل هذه الأمور.


– التوبة إلى الله (و أن الله حليم ستار)…

– إتقان العمل.

– إستعادة ثقافة الأولويات في المجالس التنفيذية و على الحكومة أن تعلم أنها حكومة إنتقالية لم يطلب منها الشعب أو حملها إتخاذ قرارات مصيرية كتقسيم محافظات أو إنشاء كيانات أو أعمال مقاولات. عليها فقط حل المشاكل التي تظهر يوميا و التي نزخر بالكثير منها كالأنابيب و رغيف العيش و غيرها.

– حرمة المال العام كحرمة مال الأشخاص.

– تغليب الدراسة و البحث من أهل العلم قبل التنفيذ.

و لله الامر من قبل  ومن بعد…

ارفع راسك فوق انت نرجسي

لماذا نقول ارفع راسك فوق انت مصري؟!! اذا على جميع الامم ان تططئ رأسها ؟!!! فاذا كنت لا تقصد ذلك فما فائدة الفعل؟!!

قد يكون المصري مخادع خانع ملتوي كاذب  او متهم بسحل واهانة مصريين شأنه كشأن اي بني ادم اخر في سائر الارض فكيف تمنحه ميزة نسبية عن الاخرين لانه مصري بالرغم انه قد سقط انسانيا.

قد يكون الموضوع جدليا و لا يستدعي النقاش و لكن المنظر المريع لهذا المتوحش و هو يسحل الفتاة يسقط عنه صفة الانسانية و لكنه مازال مصريا.

ان حب الاوطان و الانتماء له شئ عظيم و لكن الحفاظ على الانسانيةو مبادئها اروع و اعظم.

اذا لم نهتم بخلقنا الانساني لن يرتفع شأننا و نصبح في مقدمة الامم   “Highlight role of Ethics”

لقد تعلمنا ان التواضع صفة انسانية عظيمة و من تواضع لله رفعه و الايثار خلق عظيم و يمثل قمة الاخلاق و العدالة قيمة انسانية سامية نسعى اليها جميعا.

اليس من الافضل ان تقول ارفع راسك فوق انت انسان… فلنعلي مفهوم الانسانية في اوساطنا و ليس كل بني ادم انسان فالانسانية هي اعلى الصفات التي تطلق على بني ادم و هي هدف لكل من يقتنع بمبادئ حقوق الانسان فهي المرجعية وليست حقوق المصري. ارتفع من اجل غاية انسانية و ليست غاية حدودية.

العناية الإلهية

كنت أعاني من حالة من الإحباط و الكآبة الشديدين أنا و كثيرين… حالة من العزوف و الرغبة في الهروب اللاإرادي. و إحلكت الدنيا في وجوهنا و رجع يراودنا حلم الهجرة و أن أرض الله واسعة فاسعوا فيها و هٌدم الأمل و الحلم… و ظللنا نبرر لأنفسنا بأنه لم يكن الوقت المناسب للوصول الى الغاية و التغيير المنشود وايضا أننا أخطأنا كثيرا في حق أنفسنا قبل الغير و هذا بلاء من ربنا لأننا لم نحسن التصرف و لم نكن على قدر المسؤلية و لكن ماذا كنا نفعل … الم يكن ما في أيدينا أفضل ما كان؟!! ان قناعتنا و إرادتنا كانت سوف تعطينا الأفضل . فبعد حالة اليأس و الظلام الدامس و غياب الأمل و البحث عن مخرج و الجهل و اللا معلوم و التردد و غياب الحق و التصارع و السبوبية و إخفاق البوصلة … كان السبب الدماء التي تسكب في ميدان التحرير و من ثم التضامن معها أعاد للثورة بريقها و بدأنا نرى شعاع الأمل في نفوسنا و أعطانا من التحفيز ما يمكن به أن نواصل مرحلة التغيير.
إنها العناية الإلهية التي تعلم بإخلاصنا و ضعفنا في مواجهة قوى الشر و الفساد المسيطرة على كل شيء في الشارع و حتى الإعلام… فدعمتنا و شحنت لنا و ألهمتنا الصبر و العزيمة . علمنا و لكن لم ندرك أنه كلما إحلكت ” ازدادت إسوداداٌ ” كلما كان الفرج أقرب… فقناعتنا و إيماننا بقدرة الله و عدم قنوطنا من رحمته يجب أن يكون له الأولوية الأولى فرحمته وسعت كل شيء و هو أرحم بالعبد من أمه . إذا توكلت فتوكل على الله و إذا استعنت فاستعن بالله و اعلم أن الله بالغ أمره قد جعل الله لكل شيء قدرا . لا تتوانى و لا تفقد الأمل مجدداٌ فمن كان الله معينه فهو يهديه سبيل الرشاد . القادم أفضل بإذن الله.

الوحدوية “حالة”

تعجبت لهذا الزمن الذي غالبا لا يدعمك لاسباب مجهولة… ترى ان مبرراتك مقنعة و افعالك خالصة لوجه الله و نطلعاتك للصالح العام و بالرغم من ذلك تٌحارب بلا هوادة و كأنك عكس ذلك كله. تعلم انك على حق و تنشر الحق و تطالب بالحق اذن اليس من الحق ان تحقوني؟!!

غريبة هذه الدنيا التي تقتات على الصراعات… ان قنوات الاخبار و الحوار و الوسائل المقروئة و الانترنت تغذي هذه الصراعات بطريقة او بأخرى. فهذا الزخم و الصخب العشوائي الموجه اكبر يكثير من ان تحمله النفس البشرية… فيكون الحل في العزلة و التنحي بالرغم من الرغبة الجامحة في المشاركة و لكن هيهات انها مسألة قدرات.

يجتاحني سؤال “انا مين و مع مين”؟ يعتبر كل طرف من الاطراف المتصارعة انه على حق و انه الاولى بالقيادة و فرض اجندته على الاخرين… فكل طرف له مريدين حتى و ان ادعى ذلك. لم يقكروا في قوة الترابط و الانسجام  “Harmony” و ماله من اثر على نهضة و بناء الامم بل انحسروا في مقولة ” هل يختلط الزيت بالماء؟!” و استمروا في مهاتراتهم و اختلافاتهم الهامشية على الرغم من ان الواقع يطلب اشخاص مؤهلين للتفاعل مع النظام العالمي الجديد باقكار و منهجيات جديدة و هو غير متوافر قيمن يطفون على السطح في الوقت الحالي فهم نتاج زمن مريض و ملوث مدعومين من الات اعلامية موجهة طبقا لمصالح معينة  الا من رحم ربي… المبدأ السائد من ليس معي فهو ضدي و من هو معي عليه ان يؤمن بي و الا يناقشني, كيف ذلك؟!!!

الاتي حالة واقعية: تعاملت مع تيارات رئيسية في الوضع الحالي المصري و هم التيار الاسلامي و الليبرالي و اخيرا الصوفي… تناقشت و اختلفت مع الجميع من باب عدم الانغلاق على النفس و الانفتاح على الجميع و الحيادية و السعي في اتجاه نهضة البلاد كانت النتيجة اتهامي بأني مناوئ للطرف الاخر من قبل كل طرف بل و يقمعونني بشكل او بأخر و اصبحت وحيدا نظرا لعدم التزامي بقواعد اللعبة السياسية الحالية حيث ان مبادئي و سلوكياتي و امكانياتي لا تتوافق مع هذا المستنقع. هذا ليس هروبا و لكن نوع من الاختيارات الصعبة التي تغلب فيها القيم و المبادئ و المصلحة العامة على الخاصة.  قد عزاني قول ” طوبا للغرباء” فطوبا للغرباء و لكل مجتهد مجاهد نصيب ان شاء الكريم و انها تجري بمقادير و سوف يأتي الوقت الذي سيعلم فيه القوم اي منقلب سينقلبون.

لانظن ان كل ما يحدث هو بمحض الصدفة حتى و ان بدا عشوائي و لا تردد ما يقال من ان نظرية المؤامرة غير حقيقية او العكس فهي قد تكون هذه او تلك على حسب المتغيرات و الابعاد و الموضوع. قد ان الاوان لتتدبروا يا أولي الالباب و لتعلموا ان الله جاعل لكل شئ قدرا و الحمدلله في جميع الاحوال.